Our Vision:

To be a leader in providing Solar energy solutions in Pakistan. Our solutions and methodologies are recognized and accepted as industry standards, and influence the profession as well as the clients we serve.

 Our Mission:

To provide affordable green energy for all.

 Our Core Values:

We stand behind our commitment to product excellence, reliable product delivery, and outstanding customer support.

At iFuture (Solar Energy Solutions) We Can !

You decided to go Solar, But other suppliers Tell you “Your order is too small”.

You wonder, “How does this work? Volts, Amps and Watts are confusing.”

You need to know are these systems compatible? Will it work for me?

We get it, at iFuture Solar we can help you understand.

You want to power your home/office and be independent. You want to avoid rate increases year after year. You want a reliable and cheap energy source and make a difference to your living.

We do too. At iFuture Solar, we have the solutions.

Frequent Load-shedding is not just inconvenient; it can be a real problem. You ran out of fuel for your generator, candlelight was insufficient, your UPS batteries were drained and you couldn’t call anyone when you needed it most. You need protection be it your family or your work.

We are here to help. At iFuture Solar, we can prepare you.

Together, we can change everything; one panel at a time.

iFuture Solar Energy Solutions. Products for the real world !

At iFuture Solar Energy Solutions we believe it is our responsibility to convert the sun’s endless power into affordable green energy for all. As fuel prices rise our modern lifestyles become increasingly expensive, and global inequality worsens. Families and businesses everywhere are facing higher energy bills.

iFuture Solar Energy Solutions is dedicated to changing the lives of all its customers for the better. And we have been ever since our inception, whether customers invest in a single module, a large project or a tailor-made energy solution. Our PV panels have been so thoroughly tested and proven under harsh conditions that we offer a 10-year warranty with confidence. All the above and our customer base in over 18 cities in Pakistan adds up to attractive bankability too. Our customers always have peace of mind knowing they are dealing with a highly ranked, reliable company.

For our communities and the environment, we must find sustainable energy solutions. Solar energy is ready today. Solar is the world’s most abundant energy source. Enough sunlight reaches us every 15 minutes to power the world for an entire year. Safe and clean solar energy powers homes, businesses and power plants everywhere. Solar will reach grid-parity in places like Germany, Italy and California within two to three years and we are optimistic that solar energy will reach grid-parity globally by 2025.

Solar is a cleaner, safer investment for your family and business. You can immediately reduce your electricity bill, enjoy energy independence from rising energy costs, and increase your home or building’s value.